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Manufacturing and industrial machinery

Industrial machinery suppliers must ensure that their equipment meets market entry requirements at the first time. Operators must also ensure that their equipment is durable and can increase productivity. To achieve these goals, we must ensure the quality of manufacturing and operation. The consulting, testing and accreditation services of the lab will help you manage every aspect.

Through sincere cooperation, we can help you enter the market smoothly and ensure that the products comply with domestic and international regulations and technical requirements from the design stage. At the same time, we will provide suggestions according to the specific needs and requirements of customers.

Our test program can help you detect and optimize the failure in advance, and increase your confidence in the product. After the equipment is put into operation, we will provide lifelong testing and maintenance services to ensure that the downtime of the equipment is minimized, productivity is improved, resource utilization is optimized, and that the mechanical operation conforms to the relevant quality, health and safety regulations.

As a recognized and well-equipped testing institution, our "one-stop" testing and identification service provides you with professional services from entering new markets to market operation.


Identification project


• Equipment value assessment• Non standard equipment function, authenticity identification
• Identification of refurbishing machine• Intellectual property evidence characteristics comparison of identity identification
• Identification of tank explosion reason• Identification of collapse cause of equipment collapse
• Fracture identification of mechanism parts• Identification of cracking and oil leakage
• Identification of rust causes• Identification of wear or clamping causes
• Mining machinery appraisal• Appraisal of construction machinery
• Die identification• Appraisal of metallurgical equipment
• Identification of rust causes• Identification of wear or clamping causes

• Identification of special equipment for refining and chemical production• Identification of special equipment for plastics processing
• Identification of special equipment for food, wine, beverage and tea production• Identification of special equipment for textile, pulping and papermaking
• Identification of special equipment for electronic industry• Identification of mechanized agriculture and horticultural machinery

• Identification of special equipment for environmental protection• Boiler and auxiliary equipment appraisal
• Metal working machine tools and welding equipment appraisal• Material handling equipment appraisal
• Appraisal of light and small lifting appliances• Identification of continuous handling equipment
• Elevator, escalator and elevator identification• Identification of pumps, valves, compressors and similar machinery
• Bearing identification• Gear and gear reduction and gearbox identification
• Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment appraisal• Identification of pneumatic and electric tools
• Identification of special equipment for packaging• Identification of automation equipment
• Bicycles, mopeds and parts appraisal• Identification of metal structures
• Identification of fasteners