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Price evaluation

Huabi Laboratory Price Assessment Services Department has various assets, articles (mortgaged debts, credit guarantees, auctions, liens, customs goods, insurance claims) and other tangible assets, intangible assets and service items related to national interests and public interests, as well as loss of gains and expected gains. Qualifications for inequivalent price evaluation.

Business scope involves: (1) Price appraisal and evaluation of various assets involving national interests and public interests: motor vehicles, machinery and equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, power equipment, real estate, land, petrochemical industry, ships, crops, aquatic products, forests, road facilities, public equipment, etc. (2) The litigation price involves the assessment of the loss of available interests, the assessment of the overall assets of the enterprise, the assessment of the value of the loss of damaged property in civil tort disputes, the depreciation of vehicles, the assessment of the damage of vehicle dismantlement and verification, and the assessment of the loss of outage.

Adhering to the attitude of "fairness, impartiality, science and objectivity", the company provides price evaluation reports for courts, public security, procuratorates, arbitration and other units at all levels throughout the country, and provides a solid basis for price evaluation of fair judgments. The company evaluators are composed of professionals who have obtained the statutory evaluation qualification, including 2 registered price evaluators and 7 assessors who are practised by the state. The company has many years of working experience and professional skills, and can provide perfect services for various price evaluation needs.


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