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Insurance technology appraisal

With the vigorous development of today's insurance industry, insurance technology appraisal agencies have emerged as the times require. As a third-party organization providing services, the insurance technology appraisal institution is independent of the insurer and the insured. It can make objective and fair appraisal and analysis of the entrusted cases. Through professional technical appraisal, it can resolve disputes, shorten the payment cycle and help the insurance parties to settle claims quickly, reasonably and accurately.

FALAB is the largest comprehensive technical appraisal platform in China, and also the professional organization of insurance technical appraisal. Its predecessor was FALAB Inspection, which was invested by Shanghai Fudan University Science Park in 2006. At present, FALAB has 200 professional technicians such as forensic appraisers and authorized signatories, and 3000 expert resource pools. Its laboratory area is 10,000 square meters. It has more than 500 sets of professional appraisal instruments and equipments with a total value of over 100 million yuan.

FALAB owns the only comprehensive laboratory of failure analysis in China which has obtained the judicial authentication license. It has eight laboratories, including material analysis, chemical analysis, electronic and electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, safety accident analysis, motor vehicles, industrial electrical and other laboratories. It is also the CNAS Laboratory Accreditation of China Conformity Assessment Accreditation Committee and China metrology accreditation. The comprehensive laboratory certified with CMA qualification and the product quality and material evidence certification authorized by the state covers more than 1000 items in 10 fields, such as electronics and electrical appliances, electricians, materials, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, transportation and household appliances.

In addition, FALAB has established a leading failure analysis case research platform with abundant identification experience, applied for more than 340 invention patents, and filled many technical gaps in the field of failure analysis and quality identification in China.

FALAB Insurance Technology Identification Laboratory can provide vehicle insurance, property insurance and various kinds of insurance technical identification, consultation and evaluation services for national insurance and valuation institutions. In complex insurance claims activities, it uses various scientific and technological means and expertise to identify the causes of accidents and the extent of losses, so as to conclude the cases. Rational, fair and scientific proof will help clarify the facts and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.



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