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FALAB College, Achieve Better You!


FALAB College is a training and knowledge service platform built by FALAB Laboratory Group. Through different forms of service, we provide training and knowledge services for different industries to help enterprises and individuals achieve comprehensive growth and development. As a leading professional training and knowledge service provider in China, FALAB College has over 3000 consultants and technical experts, and more than 100,000 participants are trained every year.


1.Our service

FALAB College provides all-round services including customized in-house training, open classes, tours, online learning, project solutions, etc.


2.Our ability

FALAB College is dedicated to providing leadership and management skills, quality management and improvement, production and supply chain management, sustainable development and social responsibility, personnel qualification and professional skills training and knowledge services.


3.Our industry

Our main industries are automobiles, new energy vehicles, industry, machinery manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, medical devices, electronics and electrical appliances, new energy and power, food, railway and other 10 industries.


Recent recruitment courses

For training courses,please call 4008-285-622 immediately.