Industrial detection

As a leading quality analysis, certification and testing organization in the industry, we have 12 years of industrial testing experience and can provide the most extensive product testing for customers around the world. Help industrial enterprises to help reduce risks, shorten the time to market, prove the quality and safety of your raw materials, components or products, and help ensure that customers'products meet international and local standards.

Our team of testing engineers will provide innovative technical solutions to support the integrity, safety and reliability of your activities, equipment and operations. In view of the implementation of growth strategies, market best practices in industrial manufacturing and trade, we propose recommendations, conduct tests and conformity assessments to ensure that processes and projects meet all quality and performance requirements and minimize the environmental impact of the industry.

Our services cover physical and chemical testing, standard and non-standard testing in the fields of furniture, building materials, power equipment, textile and leather, manufacturing, mechanical equipment, integrated circuits, rubber and plastics, chemicals, coatings, metal materials, etc.