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  • Sales Engineer


    1. Development and maintenance of new and old customers;

    2, complete the company's monthly sales target;

    3, keen market sense of smell, always pay attention to the trend in the industry and timely report.

    4. strive to accomplish tasks according to sales targets.

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering.

    2. Experience in project management of manufacturing enterprises with 1 year or more in the same industry is preferred. Excellent fresh graduates are also eligible.

    3. Basic English reading (Level 3 or above), proficient in computer office and other related software. Knowledge of simple electronic engineering.

    4, clear thinking, clear speech, correct appearance, strong resistance to stress.


  • sales manager


    1. responsible for the business development of the testing project, managing the sales team and completing the annual sales task.

    2. responsible for developing potential customers and developing quality customers.

    3. maintain the testing business of the testing items and develop new customers.

    4. analyze customer needs, expand the market and meet the needs of customers.

    5. Maintain existing customers, improve customer satisfaction with the support of technical engineers and technical uniform engineers, and visit large customers regularly.

    6. responsible for project information collection, provide market development proposals and plans, and follow up in time.

    Job requirements:

    1. more than 4 years sales experience in testing business, including 2 years of sales management experience.

    2. College degree or above. Familiar with reliability/materials/chemistry/electronics/household appliances testing and sales experience is preferred.

    3. Has excellent business negotiation ability, keen business sense and quick response ability; At the same time, can follow or surpass the company's rapid development rhythm, constantly improve the comprehensive ability, and dare to promote.

    4. cheerful personality, pragmatic and dedicated, good communication and coordination ability, able to work under great pressure.


  • Metal material inspection engineer


    1, undertake all kinds of metal daily inspection tasks, and carry out data analysis, compile test reports;

    2. Make test plan according to the requirement of product failure analysis, conduct comprehensive data analysis and issue failure analysis report.

    3. Responsible for equipment management, instrument period verification, capability verification, measurement audit and other tests related to the testing project;

    4. Participate in the evaluation and implementation of new projects in the material analysis room.

    5. Lab daily management and 5S work.

    Job requirements:

    1. Master's degree, metal material related professional, 1 years or above working experience, excellent graduating students can also.

    2. Familiar with the conventional means of testing the structure and properties of materials, able to operate scanning electron microscopy energy spectrometer, Auger energy spectrometer, transmission electron microscopy energy spectrometer;

    3. Experience in material failure analysis is preferred. Good English reading and writing and good computer application are preferred.

    4. Have good communication skills and team spirit, work actively, have a certain ability to resist pressure, and obey the work arrangements of superior managers.


  • Technical support engineer


    1. provide technical support for sales quotations and answer customer enquiries and questions.

    2. interpret test standards and guide test engineers to complete the test.

    3. confirmation and progress tracking of sales items

    4. assist department manager to complete other pre-sale and after-sale technical support work.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in material related discipline, more than 2 years working experience.

    2. Be familiar with the relevant standards of electronic material performance testing, and be able to operate related equipment.

    3. Good learning and communication skills, and strong sense of responsibility.



HR Email:zhaopin@falab.cn