Environmental detection

FALAB Laboratory is a new comprehensive laboratory which integrates detection, identification and certification. It has the CMA qualification of CNAS accreditation and measurement accreditation of China National Accreditation Committee, CPSC accreditation of American Consumer Goods Safety Committee, DNV-GL accreditation of Europe and CCS accreditation of China Classification Society. It is the organization unit of Shanghai product quality appraisal and the third-level secret qualification unit of national defense weapon equipment scientific research and production.

In 2006, it was invested by Shanghai Fudan University Science and Technology Park, with more than 300 professional engineers and more than 3000 external experts. FALAB Laboratory has 9 laboratories and offices in Shanghai, Suzhou, Yancheng, Chengdu, Changsha, Nanchang, Hefei, Shenyang and Harbin, with an area of 10,000 square meters. There are more than 1000 sets of professional testing and analysis instruments, the total value of which is over 100 million yuan. The service covers more than ten detection fields, such as environmental testing, harmful substances, EMC, reliability, failure analysis, material analysis, industrial product testing, automobile, ship, electronics, electricity, leather and so on.

FALAB Environmental Services Department specializes in environmental testing, environmental consultation, operation of environmental pollution control facilities, commissioned operation of online monitoring facilities of pollution sources, providing one-stop service of scheme formulation, site investigation, sampling, analysis and report, and also accepting sample analysis. We are committed to developing into a leading international environmental testing agency, and contributing to the upgrading of the quality and technical level of China's manufacturing industry.