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Lubricating Oil Appearance Detection

Appearance and chroma


Physicochemical Testing of Lubricating Oil

Density, alkali value, water soluble acid or alkali, free alkali content, impurities, moisture, ash, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, filtration, mechanical impurities, pour point, flash point, flocculation point, drop point, sulfate ash, water leaching loss


Lubricating Oil Performance Testing

Boundary Pumping Temperature, Apparent Viscosity, Number Bearing Capacity, Residual Carbon, Initial Torque Index, Gear Wear, Low Temperature Dynamic Viscosity, Low Temperature Turbine, Corrosivity, Oil Distribution of Steel Mesh, High Temperature Deposit, High Temperature and High Shear Viscosity, Working Cone, Drum Stability, Chemical Stability, Shear Stability, Hydrolysis Stability, Oxidation Stability Stability, piston skirt film index, extreme pressure performance, vacuum distillation distillation 80% after residue properties, uniformity and mixing, wear resistance, emulsification, air release value, anti micro vibration wear properties, aging characteristics, leakage, sealing adaptability index, wear spot diameter, gel index, exhaust system plugging index , foam, smoke index, intensity limit, cleanliness, thermal stability, detergency index, lubricity index, copper corrosion, similar viscosity, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, kinematic viscosity, evaporation loss, rotating oxygen bomb, and extended working cone penetration.


Appearance Detection of Brake Fluid

Appearance and pH


Physical and Chemical Detection of Brake Fluid

Liquid stability, corrosiveness, low temperature fluidity and appearance, evaporation performance, water capacity, liquid compatibility, oxidation resistance, rubber adaptability, travel simulation performance, rust removal performance


Coolant Appearance Detection



Physicochemical Detection of Coolant

Odor, other binary alcohol content, density, freezing point, boiling point, ash content, pH value, chlorine content, moisture, alkalinity of reserve, organic coatings for automobiles, nitrite, molybdate


Coolant Performance Testing

Glassware corrosion, simulated corrosion, foam tendency, heat corrosion of cast aluminum alloy, cavitation corrosion of aluminum pump.