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Electronic failure analysis

Failure analysis is a kind of post-analysis work for invalid products. By using various testing and analysis techniques and procedures, the failure phenomena of products are confirmed, the failure modes or mechanisms are distinguished, the final causes are determined, and suggestions for improving design and manufacturing processes are put forward to eliminate the failure and prevent the recurrence of failure. To improve the reliability of components is an important part of product reliability engineering.


Techniques for Failure Analysis

Decapsulation SamplingFTIR
Staining EMMI
Micro Raman SpectroscopyXRD
Infrared Thermography 


Failure analysis capabilities area

MonolithicMicrowave Device /Module
Hybrid ICMiniature Complete Appliance
PCBA Subassembly Electromechanical Subassembly
Discrete ComponentPhotoconducting Device
Discrete DeviceBattery