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Deng Jiaming, the director of the judicial authentication administration of the Ministry of justice, visited Falab.
Date:2018-02-09    Hits:2934
On January 31, Deng Jiaming, Director of Judicial Appraisal Administration of the Ministry of Justice, Zheng Zhenyu, Director of Administration, Zhao Xinyi, Vice Director of Supervision, Zhang Yijun, Director of Judicial Appraisal Department of Jiangsu Province, Zhai Jiejun, Director of Judicial Appraisal Department of Suzhou, Wang Kan, Yang Junwei, and Xie Hai, Director of Judicial Appraisal Department of Suzhou, visited Huabi Judicial Appraisal Department of Suzhou. Research work must be done. Liu Xuesen, President of Huabi Laboratory, and Yan Jinglin, Director of Huabi Judicial Appraisal Institute participated in the reception and presided over the research report.

Director Deng Jiaming and his delegation visited eight failure analysis laboratories, including Huabi Material Failure Analysis Laboratory and Mechanical Equipment Failure Analysis Laboratory. They inspected the scientific research progress and equipment configuration of Huabi Judicial Appraisal Institute. They also discussed the development and application of high and new technology in the field of judicial appraisal, the situation of appraisal fees and appraisal. The actual case will be asked to the relevant professional person in charge.

At the symposium, Director Deng Jiaming and his delegation listened to the report of Huabi Judicial Appraisal Institute on the operation norms of the judicial appraisal process, the application of various professional scientific research systems and the appraisal work. Liu Xuesen reported on the research results of the general procedure standard for forensic identification of product evidence. The Engineering Operations Department has made a special report on Huabi's overall appraisal process, LIMS laboratory management system, case analysis platform and intelligent appraisal platform. Director Deng Jiaming, Director Zheng Zhenyu, Deputy Director Zhang Yijun, Director Wang Kan and Director Zhai Jiejun also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the management of product quality judicial appraisal qualification, the implementation of the twelve "Double Strictness Articles", the charging standards of judicial appraisal, and typical cases of judicial appraisal complaints.

Director Deng Jiaming and his delegation fully affirmed the scale, equipment allocation, environmental facilities and standardized management of Huabi Judicial Appraisal Institute. They expressed that Huabi Judicial Appraisal Institute had demonstrated the ability and demeanor of "defending justice scientifically". Through visiting Huabi Laboratory, they had a better understanding of "defending justice scientifically". Visual impression and in-depth understanding, see Huabi young team, more confidence in the future of product quality forensic appraisal.